Best Pocket Spring Mattress in Malaysia

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Best Pocket Spring Mattress in Malaysia – Vono 

Waking up with an unwelcome companion – a nagging ache in your back? The answer lies in your choice of mattress and that’s where Vono Pocket Spring Mattress comes to the rescue. With our innovative technology and exceptional craftsmanship, our Pocket Spring Mattress in Malaysia is meticulously designed to provide the right balance of back support and comfort for your body, delivering a sleep oasis that surpasses expectations. 


Unlock the Pinnacle of Support with Our Pocket Spring Mattress 

Experience the epitome of refined comfort with our INTALOK Springing System, thoughtfully designed to elevate your sleep paradise to new heights of sophistication. The continuous and interlocked design of our springing system is ingeniously engineered to effectively and evenly disperse body pressure. This innovative technology allows our Pocket Spring Mattress to responsively adapt to the diverse body weights and shapes of its sleepers, providing impeccable support that perfectly contours to the body. With that said, every inch of your back receives the utmost care and protection. 

Moreover, our INTALOK Springing System is crafted from high-tensile steel wire. Unlike ordinary spring mattresses, each of our mattresses boasts an impressive up to 1200 spring units. This abundance of spring units enhances durability and also helps maintain the natural curvature of your body. With a focus on breathability, the INTALOK Springing System in our Pocket Spring Mattress is made to promote optimal air circulation, creating a cooler and more ventilated sleep environment for all types of sleepers. The incorporation of breathable materials and designs to ensure that heat and moisture are efficiently dispersed to help you maintain a cool and dry sleeping surface. 

 Most importantly, our pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric sleeves to provide good motion isolation. In addition to that, the independently moving coils work in harmony to reduce noises. With this brilliant design, you can bid goodbye to restless nights and unwanted disruptions caused by your partner’s movement. So what are you waiting for? Shop our best Pocket Spring Mattress today and enjoy a 15-year warranty for your complete peace of mind!