Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy
  1. All Vono mattress carry a 10 or 15-year local warranty against manufacturing defects (“the Warranty Period”) from the date of purchase. All Vono headboards/divans/ bedframes are granted with 2 years warranty from the date of purchase. The mattress, headboards, divans and bedframes are referred as “the Product”.
  1. The Warranty Period is only applicable at the country of purchase to the first/original purchaser of the Product. The purchaser shall furnish the proof of purchase with the original receipt to us and this warranty is not transferrable.
  1. Upon any manufacturing defects reported by the purchaser during the Warranty Period, a site inspection shall be conducted subject to payment by the purchaser prior to or during the date of inspection as follow:
  • the cost of inspection at RM80 upon each request (“the Inspection Fee”). The said Inspection Fee will be waived if the said defect is within the manufacturing defects and claimable under the Warranty Period.
  • the cost of transportation for repair shall be borne by the purchaser.
  1. The warranty is void if the Product is found to be under abusive handling, rough handling, improper care and maintenance, unsanitary conditions, any misuse, no proper foundation to support (if it should be done so) and/or if it was previously repaired by any person other than the manufacturer. We reserve the right not to handle the products for repair.
  1. The warranty excludes fair wear and tear, negligent usage, normal body impression of 1 ½ inches or less, comfort and sleeping satisfaction guarantee or any defects whatsoever other than manufacturing defects.
  1. If in the unlikely event, any repair or replacement is required due to recognized manufacturing fault, we will at our discretion to repair or replace the faulty parts and/or materials free of charge subject to its availability for the avoidance of any doubt, we reserve the right to use other material instead of the original material for the repair or replacement.

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