1. The new Vono mattress and divan base are wrapped in polythene bags in order to protect them against damage and keep them clean. Before using, remove the polythene bags to enable the mattress and base to ventilate.

3. Expose your mattress to air frequently. Remove the bed sheet weekly for several hours from your bed. Your Vono mattress has special ventilators at borders to remove the stale air in exchange for fresh clean air. This will help to keep the internal upholstery layers dry and hygienic.

5. Using an ordinary divan that sags will cause damage to the interior construction of your new Vono mattress. A matching Vono base will give the right comfort and support.

2. It is very important to turn your mattress from head to toe and side to side regularly to equalise body impressions. These body impressions are formed because the quality layers conform to your body contour after some time. These are not considered manufacturing defect.

4. Washing and dry cleaning of the mattress and base are not recommended. To remove stains, gently rub the stained surface with a cloth and warm spillage. Before using, allow to dry.

6. Screw the castor and glides into the base gently and tightly. Check from time to time.

For Non-Flip mattress, rotate the mattress every 3 months while to turn the double-sided mattress every 3 months.