Dear Customer,

Congratulations! With your new Vono mattress, you have made wise decision and a sound investment.

A new bed is like a pair of new shoes. There is a “setting-in” period while you get used to each other. At first it may feel very firm compared to your old bed. Your body may take several days to adjust to the sleeping posture that you get with a Vono spring mattress. This is normal as the spring system is working to support your body in the most comfortable, healthy and anatomical way. You will get a deeper, sounder sleep.

Needless to say, Vono’s reputation for comfort and durability will keep you satisfied year after year. In addition to the 15-year warranty that comes with your Vono mattress, (except headboards, divans and bedframes are only granted with 2-year warranty) we also provide useful tips to keep your Vono bed in the excellent condition for your comfort.

Have a good night’s sleep on Vono.

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