Deep Sleep Over The Moon With The LIMITED EDITION Maya Karin Luna Mattress

Intalok Springing System

Vono mattress features an exclusive and technologically advanced Intalok Springing System developed with British technology for perfect support and comfort. It is continuous and interlocked, made of high-tensile steel wire of strength up to 250,000 pounds per square inch, reinforced by stabilizers at the edges, to provide edge back support and sleeping comfort.

Pocketed Intalok Springing System

Pocketed Intalok Springing System takes the Intalok springing system and sleeved into specially stitched pocket, it is arranged in linear channels, able to reduce the disturbance of body movement.

Anti Static Knitted Fabric

Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged by discharging body static with our anti-static technology which is also capable to enhance your sleep quality.

100% Natural Latex

Much of the reason why the LUNA mattress is very durable can be attributed to its materials. More specifically, it’s largely due the natural latex cushioning used in the middle layer of the mattress. Latex, if you do not know it, is naturally stronger than memory foam, and it is also cooler, too—perfect for this hot and humid weather.

Double Edge Stabilizer

Double high-tensioned torsion steel bars are placed around the edges of the mattress to strengthen the overall edge support, and widen the sleeping area.




Luna-Limited Edition

  • PPS 1200 Pocketed Intalok Springing System
  • Anti-Static Knitted Fabric
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Euro Top
  • High Resilience PU Foam
  • Double Edge Stabilizer
  • Non Flip
  • Mattress Thickness 12″

Medium Firm